The Trinity. It is a concept that is at the very core of Christianity, but also one that seems distant and complex. It is taught from the very first day of Sunday School, explained through eggs, water, and clovers, but incredibly difficult to grasp. It is one of the many ‘facts’ that we internalize, but never let it go any deeper than that. But what if there was more to it? What if, being made in the image of God, the Trinity reveals deeper truths about who we are? And what if these truths can change how we relate to God, our families, and the world around us? These are the types of questions that will fill our new series, “Triune.” The goal of this series will be to truly grasp the meaning of the Trinity through the eyes of God.

“Let us make man in our image…” Genesis 1:26 ESV

Part 1:

Triune – Introduction

Part 2:

More American than Apple Pie

Part 3:

Words that End with -Gate

Part 4:

Share Size

Part 5:

A Redemption Narrative