Welcome to the not-so-buried treasure chest of the site. This is where everything that I regularly use and think others might as well goes. I plan to share featured resources to help further your study of God’s word and occasionally just drop things here that I think look cool. Here are some free resources that you might find beneficial:


MetaData Bible Study

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I have yet to explore this tool in depth, but I know that there is an amazing amount of information available here. It visually depicts data on all sorts of different information in the Bible. I would highly suggest using this to help augment your Bible study and to help better grasp the world of the Bible.


BibleHub Hebrew and Greek Study Bible

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BibleHub’s Hebrew and Greek Study Bibles are an incredibly useful tool that I use on a daily basis. By examining a passage in the original language, it is much easier to comprehend the idea that the author is trying to get across. Examining other definitions and possible translations of the word helps to get a better grasp on its connotative meaning. The definition page can be used, after you have selected the word, to compare the way the word is used in a variety of passages. This is a must-have resource for any Bible study time. The Hebrew Study Bible is used in the Old Testament and the Greek in the New Testament.


The Bible App

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The Bible App is probably the most widely used Bible in any app store today, but it also has a fantastic desktop set up. It has a wide array of Devotional and Bible Reading plans which you can choose as they spark your interest. It also has the Bible in just about any language and version you could possibly think of, so no matter what you can find what best suits you. It is called YouVersion after all.


That’s all I have so far, but check back later for more material!