The Best Breakfast Ever

I will never forget the best breakfast I ever had. It was a beautiful summer morning in late July. I was meeting up with some friends for breakfast at their home but was absolutely blown away when I arrived. What I found was virtually a banquet: a table more decorated than those at most weddings, the nicest dinnerware they had, and classical music playing in the background. And all of this out on the front lawn. They had gone above and beyond for me. I was honored just to be invited over for breakfast, but the sight of all this nearly moved me to tears. That was the last day I would ever spend in Norfolk before moving to Gering, and I assumed it would be one of painful goodbyes and not much else. But after that, I could not help but smile for the remainder of the day. That is by far the best meal I have ever had, not because of the food, but because of the love that was shown to me around that table.  It formed a bond of eternal gratitude towards that family that will never be broken.

That is the type of breakfast God desires to prepare for us every day. He does not expect us to show up and cook for Him. He invites us into His presence so He can further commune with us. He knows the debt that we owe Him is unpayable, but He doesn’t expect that we will try to pay for it. He wants us to enjoy it. He wants us to allow it to form an eternal bond between us and Him. We are no longer slaves but sons, (Galatians 4:7) and as sons, He wants to offer us the best that He has: Himself.

So when we come to eat breakfast with God, we do not need to bring anything to the table. He has already set everything on the table that we could ever need. We do not need to bring concordances and lexicons, study notes and pens; we just need to eat. We have come to dine, not to dissect. There will be a time for study and in-depth analysis of the text, but that time is not now. (Ecclesiastes 3:1) Now is the time to allow God to fill us and prepare us for the rest of our day.

There is a reason why we do not eat a 16 oz. steak and a baked potato for breakfast. It sits like a rock in the stomach and ends up just making the day more difficult. We need something lighter than most meals. Just enough to get us going. Likewise, our breakfast with God should not be comprised of weighty, difficult-to-digest material. We should let Him lead us to passages and devotionals that assure us of who He is. That He is faithful and loving and desires to show us that all the day long.

When that is the first thing we allow into our minds in the mornings, it will transform the way we live the rest of our days. We will no longer rely on coffee and sugar to get us through the morning, but the unfailing love and strength of Christ. Take a moment to imagine that kind of trade-off. Think of what your average morning looks like now: from the first look into the mirror to the last step out the door; the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are fallen, broken people, and that is rarely clearer than it is in the morning.

But God desires to give us something much better than that. He wants to give us the best breakfast we have ever had each and every morning. He wants to assure us that He is good. That He will take care of everything. We just need to walk with Him the best we can, and He will do all the work. That, right there, alleviates all of the stress and tension that both the day and the morning carries. That is the key to a positive morning.

As a swimmer, there was a time in my life when five days out of the week I was up before five in the morning to get ready for the day. And it is out of that experience that I can definitively tell you that there is no such thing as a morning person. It never comes naturally to wake up early. Everything in the body screams against it. But, just like everything else in the Christian life, God can sanctify even the early mornings. When we ask Him to give us the strength and the focus to seek Him first thing in the morning, He will be faithful to do so. So let that be our first step towards making breakfast with God a priority: asking Him to make it a priority for us. It is not a decision we will regret.

With the eternal gratitude and debt of Christ,

Jon Hastings

“When they got to land,
    they saw a charcoal fire in place,
    with fish laid out on it and bread.”

John 21:9 ESV

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