Breakfast with God

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. The fuel that gets the body and mind up and running in the morning. Where good days start and the mental fog of dawn slowly fades. We have all heard plenty of statistics, stories, and science to tell us just how important it is that we set aside the time to eat a good breakfast and how detrimental it can be if we don’t. The body relies on that kickstart to get us going in the morning. But what if just breakfast alone isn’t enough?

The origin of the word “breakfast,” isn’t too complicated to figure out. It is a compound word, comprised of two ideas “break” and “fast.” That is exactly the purpose of breakfast: to break the food fast that has occurred over the past 8 hours. During the night, due to a lack of food and our unconscious state, our digestive system goes into a sort of short-term hibernation. It shuts down and ceases to process things, as we are not currently in need of much energy. The issue is that it does not immediately awake from its sleep when we do. It needs to consume something to awaken and begin functioning normally once more.

This is what makes breakfast so vital. If we do not awaken our digestive system as we do the rest of our body, it is not able to provide us with the energy and nutrition that we need to make it through the day. We quickly become lethargic, agitated, and shaky. This seriously impedes our ability to function throughout the day. So while breakfast may be the cure for breaking our bodily food fast, human beings are more than just a body. We are far more multi-faceted than that and undergo a multi-faceted fast during the night. It is not just our bodies that have been deprived of food and entered into hibernation; our minds and souls have been deprived of sustenance as well. They are equally in need of awakening and nourishing.

The two passages that most clearly speak to this are Matthew 4:4, 6:25, and Deuteronomy 8:3, and they will serve as our principle texts as we dive into this topic. I plan to post messages from this series in the morning around 9:00 MDT so that we can still sleep in a little, but also in hopes that it may correlate with the times we get our days started.

I have elected to wait to publish this post until morning in hopes that someone might actually read it at breakfast (and because I didn’t have it completely done yet.) I hope and pray that they will serve as an encouragement to those who read it and that it might make an impact on their time, and timing, spent with God.

With the sustenance that can only come through our Daily Bread,

Jon Hastings

Jesus said to them,
   “Come and have breakfast.”
John 21:12 ESV

What a beautiful invitation. Will you take it?

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